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Design Your Future

Adam Caar


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.


We believe the tech world is a bubble that contains great big ideas, which change how we live, once it bursts. However, majority of these change makers belong to 1st world economies that are constantly improving. 


Our journey is grounded in giving every person access to a digital future, by providing digital training service and opportunity, in emerging markets.  


We help you design your future.

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Grey Limbo


Digital Zambian

The first group of people we are working with  under our up skill training program,  'DigitalZambian',  is juveniles who have undergone incarceration.

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Access Digital courses curated by local and global educators, professionals, and enthusiasts across multidisciplinary sectors such as Software programming, app development, graphic design,  Fashion and creative management. 

About our e-learning platform, work, projects, and how you can contribute to the movement.

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